Head of Operations


Position Objectives

The successful Head of Operations will be an integral member of the HSCP team. He/she will have the following broad responsibilities:

  • Professionalize the operations of the business across a range of areas beginning with the growing/production end and extending all the way to customer experience.
  • Focus on the things that can create value at the core of the company:
  • process and systems optimization;
  • organizational structure change;
  • driving accountability and predictability throughout the company; and
  • inspiring confidence in the employee base.
  • insure a uniform and predictable customer experience regardless of location.
  • Organize and motivate the sales team, and up-level the talent within it.;
  • Continue to make strategic acquisitions and efficiently integrate those into the company;
  • Constantly evaluate and help recruit new talent across the company; and
  • Be an individual contributor, roll up the sleeves, and build value subjectively.


Candidate Profile

The successful candidate will have well rounded, senior experience with a leading global B2C company. It is essential that this individual should possess at least 10 plus years’ experience in an operating role with considerable direct line management responsibility with demonstrable success.

The candidate will possess the gravitas, emotional intelligence, and influence skills to gain the trust and respect of HSCP senior management team. Along with strong indirect leadership skills, he/she will have exceptional intellectual capability to help identify business opportunities and issues, structure an effective and efficient analytical approach, and come up with creative and pragmatic solutions.

The candidate must be able to thrive in an operating environment where they are given considerable professional autonomy. He/she will have demonstrated, throughout their career, unblemished professional integrity, independent initiative taking, and a collaborative, direct professional approach. This is an ideal position for an individual who could successfully lead a business inside a large academy type company; but, is excited by the professional satisfaction of scaling an organization and delivering health conscious solutions to consumers across the US.

The candidate needs to operate within a group of high performance individuals in a team environment. Additionally, the candidate needs to have an ego well in control such that they can work with both investment professionals and company management in influential ways despite not having direct control over every single aspect of their purview.

HSCP needs a Head of Operations who is:

  • An operationally focused leader with a verifiable track record of transformation and making a personal impact.
  • Most likely grew up on the manufacturing and production side of a company, but has experience making an impact on the customer facing elements of a business.
  • Understands B2C models including hospitality and consumer services.
  • Has played in a regulated environment in the past.
  • Highly creative and entrepreneurial; Someone who strongly believes in the company and its mission.
  • Hands on, data oriented executive; financially astute and literate.
  • High powered IQ coupled with exceptional EQ; Has the ability to come into a situation, see through the fog to identify key issues quickly and help drive results.
  • Must be credible in front of the rest of the management team.
  • Likely is a “plow horse” profile versus a “show horse”.


Performance and Personal Competencies

In terms of personal characteristics, prospects will be balanced, thoughtful, grounded executives capable of fine tuning this rapidly evolving company as it expands its footprint. The challenge will be finding candidates with the operational track record and investment instincts, as well as committed to being a personal contributor.

  • Independent and Perceptive: He/she must be low-key, yet assertive enough to get results. He/she must be able to influence and persuade, pushing for change and establishing credibility without a strong ego, i.e. without having to “prove themselves.” Both ingenuity and ingenuousness will be assets in this role.
  • Fast Learner: While the successful candidate does not need to have industry experience, he/she must be able to learn the operations and complexities of these businesses quickly and thoroughly. 
  • Energy and Persistence: HSCP operates in a fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment. The candidate will need to be a self-starter with a high sense of urgency and desire to see results. Attention to detail is critical and often requires endurance, persistence and energy. The individual must be hands on and prepared to “roll up his sleeves”. 
  • Communication: This executive must be a skilled communicator as he/she will work with HSCP investment teams as well as the operational leadership of the company on a variety of sensitive issues. This person must be “easy to talk to,” i.e. a good listener, in order to develop the trust and confidence of management.
  • Ethics and Integrity: The successful candidate must maintain the firm’s standards for the highest personal and corporate ethics through honesty, fair dealing and constant thoughtfulness in all interactions.  This individual will not be afraid to dissent or speak up if he/she has ethical concerns.


An MBA with honors from a top-tier school is preferred; undergraduate study in Business or Marketing from a leading university is a strong plus.