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Our vision: we deeply believe in the transformational power that cannabis has to heal and change the world. In partnership with you, our affiliates, we believe we can be champions of change and set a new standard in the industry.

Our mission: to provide access to cannabis’ beneficial properties by creating the best quality products and experiences. From seed to sale - from coast to coast - we'll work together to grow the business and become the leader in the cannabis industry.



What are we trying to accomplish this year?

This year we're focusing on hiring additional talent to help us manage across our geographic footprint, establishing standard operating procedures, doing extensive employee and budtender training, leveraging technology to develop innovative products and rolling out new dispensary and consumer brands to gain a stronger foothold in the market.

Over the next few months, key members of the Acreage team will be meeting with you to discuss in more detail what our plans are and how you will benefit from the overall strategy.


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Introducing The Botanist dispensary.

As our first retail brand, The Botanist provides an immersive hub for people to engage with a community of like-minded people who share a common goal of living a balanced, socially responsible lifestyle. At The Botanist, people are brought together by a genuine desire to learn about the life-changing power of cannabis and being part of a larger community.

Over the course of this year (and next), we will be rolling out new retail locations of The Botanist in markets across the U.S. In order to achieve success and uphold the level of excellence that we're striving for, we're asking for your help in defining the customer / patient experience at The Botanist.


The Acreage Holdings Customer Experience Summit (CES)

To aid us in learning more about the state of the industry and to establish best practices for our operations, we're bringing together leaders from our affiliate network to participate in a Customer Experience Summit (CES). The goal of CES is to leverage the experience and skill from our network to pool our knowledge and establish best-in-class practices for optimizing the dispensary customer experience from community outreach, to budtender training, to patient on-boarding and beyond.

These insights will lay the groundwork for setting the standard operating procedures, employee training, patient care and operational guidelines for all of our current and future partners. More details to follow!

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We'd love to hear from you!

Here at Acreage we have the rare ability in the industry to nurture your career growth and provide a wide range of career opportunities, resources, mentors and education. As a way for us to get to know you better and understand what your goals are, we'd appreciate it if you could take a couple minutes to fill out our employee survey.

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