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There are as many types of people who use cannabis as there are strains of the plant. We’ve carefully crafted each of our brands to help serve the growing needs of modern consumers, offering a diverse array of both products
and experiences.

Rooted in education, community and experience.

The Botanist provides an immersive, educational hub for people who aspire to live a balanced and socially responsible lifestyle, and are brought together by a genuine desire to learn about the versatility and life-changing power of cannabis.

Our retail locations set the gold standard for cannabis dispensaries nationwide, and our products are uniquely formulated to help consumers experience a more holistic path to health and wellness.

Leading the flavor revolution.

Live Resin Project offers a unique line of vapes and concentrates crafted using innovative extraction methods that utilize the whole cannabis plant, capturing it at its most aromatic, potent state to offer a full-spectrum, full-flavored experience.

Made for adventurers and seekers.

Natural Wonder is a lifestyle brand of fast-acting, discreet and effective breath sprays formulated with natural ingredients and combined with premium cannabinoids.

A premier brand of medical cannabis, from seed to sale. 

Grown from the melding of science with passion (and compassion), Prime focuses on advancing health and wellness and delivering top-quality, pesticide-free products that are designed for precise dosing and medicating. The Prime team are pioneers in cultivation, responsible for creating many of the standards for this emerging industry.

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